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 Wines from the domain
 the  Vieilles Vignes Vintage

Winemaking ...
a combination of tradition and the latest techniques.

Our vines benefit from sustainable agricultural methods.

They are all handpicked during a two week period, with about 30 harvesters picking two acres a day.
The whole of the stalk is taken off to avoid any herbaceous flavours and to create rounded tannins.
The grapes are then macerated for 12 – 13 days before soft pressing develops
complex aromas, a pleasant colour and smooth tannins.All our wines are estate bottled; a screw-cap is used for export.

Beaujolais Villages 

This wines has all the characteristics of our vineyards:

it has  fruity aromas and can accompany a whole meal.

Beaujolais Rosé

With its deep rose colour and its aromas of fresh fruit, this refined,
this pleasant wine goes perfectly with salads or with grilled fish or meat.


This is a fruity wine with aromas of blackcurrant and raspberry.

It is rich, balanced with well-matured tannins and is suitable for drinking during a whole meal.


A distinctive wine with a floral bouquet and peony notes.

An elegant, harmonious wine marked by its rounded tannins.


It has aromas of cherries and cooked fruits, a complex nose with spicey notes and a rich, well-structured palate.

This is a wine which needs to age sothat smooth tannins can develop.

Sparkling Rosé "Cuvée Amélie"

Following the traditional method for champagne,

this wine is kept for 9 months so that the delicate bubbles can develop.
It is very good as an aperitif or with deserts or chocolate.

A white Beaujolais "Cuvée Alexis"

It is made from the Chardonnay grape.
It is aromatic and has mineral overtones.
The bouquet has surprising  notes of lemon and acacia.
It is suitable as an aperitif and can accompagny ish dishes.